Candidate for Ward 1

VOTE for Denese Renaud

I am a life long Guelph resident, Community volunteer, rescue mom and I foster for a senior dog rescue. I have lived in Ward1 for 20 years

  • With many years of business management experience I understand the need for fiscal reponsiblity in government.
    As a partner family at Cityview Village( Habitat for Humanity) I understand the need for safe and affordable housing.
    I can appreciate peoples concerns for a safe community and will avocate to find solutions make this possible.
    I shoot straight from the hip, so I will always give you a well researched answer, it may not be what you would like to hear but it will always be honest.
    I am a member of the Planning Advisory Committee for Guelph.
    I look forward to having conversations in regard to your concerns, your suggetions for remedies, and hopefully the ability to find solutions.

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